It serves as a dynamic learning centre with information on any topic that caters to the needs of the student and creates in them a passion for reading. The library is equipped with reference books, encyclopedias, periodicals, and newspapers are subscribed like Times of India, Hindustan Times, DNA, Maharashtra Times and Lokasatta.
The school has regular swimming lessons during school hours and in summer vacations in the presence of an experienced coach and attendant. They have trained many swimming champions who have won several awards and medals in various competitions.
The importance of sports and games includes more than just the benefit of physical activity. Sports have social, physical and emotional benefits. Our playground boasts of a huge volleyball court. The students also play various games like kho-kho, football, cricket. We also provide cricket coaching.
The school has well equipped lab for Biology. Lab teaching & experiments help encourage deep understanding in students. It helps the students in retaining knowledge when they get a first hand experience by performing various experiments on their own. Students learn best if they are actively engaged and if their activities are closely linked to understanding important biological concepts. School lab provides all these facilities with models, charts and slides.
The school has well equipped lab for Chemistry. Students learn how to make up chemical solutions, perform lab techniques, be safe in the lab, and perform Chemistry lab experiments. The experiments involve general chemical principles.
The school has well equipped lab for Physics.In Physics class, lab is central, integral, sacred, more than a mere place in the back of the classroom. The laboratory is the place where learn to practice the activities of scientists - asking questions, performing procedures, collecting data, analyzing data, answering questions, and thinking of new questions to explore.
Information and Communication Technology ICT is the integral part of the curriculum. The Computer Lab is adequately equipped with computers, scanners, color printers, OHP, and LCD. These peripherals augment the lab setups that provide opportunities for students to gain proficiency in computers. Internet Connectivity is also provided to students and staff teachers to assist them in seeking out information, creating multi-media content, collaborating on project work.
Our auditorium is equipped with an excellent sound system. It has a capacity to seat 300 students. All important functions are held here. We also invite eminent personalities to our school as guest speakers to inspire our young students on various occasions.
Technology has been important in the school's quest for new teaching and learning techniques. The smart board has proved to be of potential use in education. With Smartboards we got a first taste of developing our own learning content which was easy for teachers to use and helped to enhance lessons. The classes, right from Pre-primary to secondary section, have benefitted immensely in all the subjects.
Pre-primary students are provided with a spacious and well decorated room. Here they are taken to enjoy free play. Its equipped with a large number of toys & educational material to stimulate their young minds through play.
As an ardent proponent of extracurricular activities for personal growth & development, Oxford offers excellent training facilities. A well-equipped indoor games room with excellent coaches provide the required attention to our students.